Chef Evan Branning was educated and trained at the California School of the Culinary Arts in Pasadena, California.  He graduated with honors and still maintains a professional relationship with the school.  His special areas of interest include balanced and sustainable nutrition.

Evan’s travels throughout America, Europe, and Asia have influenced the development of his wide-ranging culinary creations.  While staging for various master chefs in Japan, Evan developed an appreciation for the subtleties of Asian cuisine.

By melding the tastes and ingredients from many cultures, Evan is able to create uniquely flavorful and healthy meals.  He carefully modulates herbs and spices to please the palate of his clients.

Evan’s experience with catering for groups, large and small, has helped him develop creative methods for providing tasty and healthful meals that can be prepared in advance and still retain their flavor and appearance when reheated.

Chef a la Porte was started by Chef Evan in 2006 to meet the needs of busy professionals with a taste for elegant and functional meals that they could enjoy easily at home.

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